TKID3 - News
News by TeleKawaru - October 20th 2003 - 1:47AM

Hey folks, it has been quite some time since any real updates have been done to TKID3 or the information on this website. I was asked by a staff member for a copy of the software since he had lost it. Going back to the source code really made me want to re-write the whole damn thing. It looks like this might be something I'll try.

If I do, I'll definately put in the ID3v2 stuff that everyone has been asking for. The version that you can download on this page is a newer build with changes from the other publicly available build. I don't remember what all has changed, but I did have to fix a few bugs when I was compiling it today... yesterday. Whenever. Anyways, check back here for updates.

TKID3 - About
News by TeleKawaru

TKID3 is a program for managing your mp3 files. It allows complete control over your id3 header information, and can even generate id3 information based on the file name if there isn't one already. It has functions for cleaning up those horrible named mp3 files that I'm sure you've seen.

example-> (Metallica)_-_FOr_WhoM_tHe_Bell_tollS.mp3

TKID3 - Features
News by TeleKawaru

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Ease of use.
  • Rename an entire directory worth of mp3s with the click of a button.
  • Repair/create id3 information within seconds.
  • Set how YOU want them to be named. Afterall, they are YOUR files.
  • Fix those annoying compatability problems with RIFF mp3s and IRC scripts (incorrect bitrate report).
  • Change multiple id3 headers at the same time. Great for all you album collectors!
  • Play your mp3s straight from TKID3 (uses your default mp3 player).
  • It's free!
  • Easily remove id3 headers you plan on changing. Saves you time!
  • TKID3 remembers your settings and directories you typed in. No more retyping those frequented directory names!

TKID3 - Downloads
News by TeleKawaru

TKID3 v8.70 for Windows (full installation) tkid3-full 2,358,908 bytes

TKID3 v8.70 for Windows (executable only) 95,580 bytes

TKID3 - Screenshots
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